The Spanish Jennet Horse Society is spotlighting the rare and exclusive horses that courageously glided through the reclamation of Spain, as well as the discovery and exploration of the New World.
In the Middle Ages, the Spanish Jennet Horse reflected his lofty Spanish heritage in his crisp, smooth gait, his proud & elegant carriage, and his brilliant colors and flashy patterns - Pintado (pinto) and Atigrado (appaloosa, Lp or Tiger) or Solid. The Spanish Jennet Horse was the mount of choice of all European nobility. The Spanish Jennet was a horse of beauty, style, and refinement, blessed with stamina, a smooth gait, splashed with a rainbow of colors and a multitude of patterns. Today, a registered Spanish Jennet Horse is a predictable reflection of his historic ancestor.

An ideal individual of the Spanish Jennet Horse breed sports an exotic patterned coat (Pinto Paso or Paso Tiger Horse) in a full spectrum of the usual colors of horses, (the grey gene is not allowed). The Spanish Jennet Horse is heir to the stylish, smooth gait and distinctive Spanish conformation of the modern day Paso Horses.

We invite you to: Discover the horse that Discovered the Americas:
the Spanish Jennet Horse
The Horse of the Middle Ages, the Breed of the Future!

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